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I’m not sure how you got here, but I’m glad you found your way. Come on in, take off your shoes, and pull up a chair. Let’s get to know each other. Waffles are comin’ up.

My name is Lana Rosales, and I’m a heart-centered blogger. I believe that a beautiful life is supposed to be a bit messy, and everything I share here is thoughtfully curated to lead you back to your Self—and create a life you love in the process (despite all the crazy-beautiful messes that come up along the way).

My Story

Life can be confusing. It’s full of unknowns, and we don’t always know if we’re making the right decisions. This is the stuff I love talking about, because it hits home for me.

I’ve felt totally lost in my life, I’ve numbed myself from all kinds of emotional pain, and I’ve searched all over the place trying to find myself.

Chances are, I’ve asked the same questions you’re asking, and felt the same tug to do something about it. And like you, I didn’t know where to start. After years—literally, years—of feeling overwhelmed, powerless, and stuck, I finally found a really simple way to get out of a rut, and create a beautiful life.

I inched myself into happiness, and I’ve come to believe with every fiber of my being that small steps forward lead to life changing transformations.

The secret? Start where you are, with what you’ve got. The rest will come. Have the courage to make mistakes, and the strength to keep moving.

What you’ll find here

This isn’t a place for china dolls. It’s a place for real-life human beings—the ones who make mistakes more than they’d like to admit, the messy hair folk who are still rolling out of bed late on a Thursday morning, and for the free-spirits with bills to pay.

You can head over to the blog, or browse for something more specific: Healing & self-care |Inspiration |Real life wisdom |Travel adventures.

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